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Transforming lives one workout at a time!

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Making Fitness More Than Just Working Out

My mission though Personal Training is to empower individuals through fitness and self defense training, promoting holistic well-being and personal safety. Through my comprehensive training programs, we strive to equip our members with the knowledge, techniques, and mindset necessary to achieve their fitness goals and protect themselves in any situation.


Real Experiences, Stunning Results

Using my comprehensive fitness/self-defense  program, my aim is to help my clients empower themselves by gaining more confidence and security in thier daily lives.  Take a look at some of the reviews that have been submitted by satisfied clients.

Jim Graden with good friend and black belt with jim, Steve Peltier

Steve Peltier 

"When you see a former world champion that caught my attention
right away, because I wanted  to learn a higher skill level than I think I could 
have gotten from anyone else" 

Rich Martin exacuting a jab during a kickbxing class

Rich Martin 49

"Jim has a great lineage that goes with him on things 
he's learned and done in his career that very few people have experienced. One of the things that I said to him, I want 
to learn some things about real self-defense training. Jim is one of those few people you meet in your life, a true professional and somebody that's actually walked in those footsteps."

Mike Whitcraft age 67

"I used a palm heel strike with hip rotation just a 
straight left hand, just like you taught me Jim.  The thing is it was just nice calm moment, I mean I hate to do that but he's 
gonna definitely rob me there's no doubt about it"


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Why I train with Jim Graden

Why I train with Jim Graden

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14573 Iroquois Ave, Largo, FL 33774, USA


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